Topicon HK Ltd is a professional Android MDT hardware provider for fleet management industry since 2010 with ISO 9001:2015 certified which locating at China with branch offices in both France and HK. We are the first company to develop Android 2.1 in a very cost effective GPS solution (Atlas 4/5). This is most popular portable GPS solution in the world and they dominated the market due to their price strategy and product quality. We believe Android platform will replace WINCE operating system in the near future with their added value services but free of charge.
Our R&D professionals are equipped with rich experiences in Linux as well as Android operating systems and always keeping developing and improving innovative solutions for fleet management, telematics, transport, industrial, medical industries etc, we are always on the way to optimize our business processes.

Since 2010 the Company’s specialists have developed a wide range of product lines that are consisting of Mobile Data Terminals, PDA, Thermal Imaging Camera, Thermometer, Test Instruments, GPS Speedo Meters etc.
Topicon is also providing customized product services for customer in order to meet their requirement. For example, connected PND to external sensor and develop application to send data to server. We can manage to develop the project within a very short period of time. Time to market is the key.





Quality is the key to business growth and success. Keeping the customer in mind at all times, we take our products’ quality and services as our top priority and core value to achieve continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

The drivers of offering best quality are rooted in the alignment of product and service systems design with customer expectations, along with focusing on quality during all phases of development, production, and delivery.

Striving for 100% good quality and minimize the potential for defects. We continuously strengthen our QC procedure and set up in system to use statistical methods to find problems that cause errors or defects. We aim at perfection.